RCS zcv2 with 2 TS-60 display units not showing both zones in zera 3

I got my Vera 3 in the mail today and am trying to add my RCS zcv2 (2 zone controller) with 2 ts-60 wall display units. I have the ZWB-485 which is essentially a serial to zwave adapter that RCS makes.

I go through the z-wave inclusion and only one of my thermostats shows up. Both of them have a seperate network address configured on the ts-60. I have tried excluding and re-adding and it still only shows 1 device under “devices.”

Any ideas? Are there some variables that need to be set within vera to see both zones?

Never mind, it is only designed to show one zone. I have to scrap the whole thing and replace with the newest model zwave setup.