RCS zcv2 with 2 TCS TS-60 wall display units and zwave adapter (zwb-485)

I used to use the Lagotek HIP system, but the company went under and my panels crashed. I am interested in moving to MiCasaVerde but have a few questions regarding my HVAC control.

I currently have a 2 zone (motorized dampers) system using RCS zcv2 thermostat with 2 TS-60 wall display units. The system communicates with Lagotek Fusion Suite (control software) using an ATOP ablelink serial to ethernet bridge.

I am looking at moving to Vera, but do not want to have to replace my whole hvac control system (minus the dampers of course) with a zwave enabled system from RCS. I have searched for a plugin to allow the vera system to communicate with my current setup over serial, but didn’t find anything that was live (found a work in progress on the wiki I think).

I found that RCS made a zwave to serial adapter for this specific setup (zcv2) that supports the thermostat zwave class. They are hard to find, but I found one for around $80.00.

Does anyone know if this will work? Anyway to do it just with the serial to ethernet interface that I already have? RCS has published the serial communication protocol and I have a copy. Not mr coder though…