Raised my Vera from the dead

I finally dusted off my Vera Plus that I thought was fit for the garbage and discovered that it wasn’t dead after all. After some searching and experimenting, I discovered that hitting the reset 6 times within 6 seconds was the correct reset procedure, then manually adding it to my account after it says that it’s not found on my network. So far, so good…
but I was looking at the Luup files on the device and I think it still may be littered with old files from before the “factory reset”. Am I imagining things? The performance seems rather slow considering I have one device registered and only a small handful of plugins installed.
Is there some way to wipe the thing clean and start with a completely fresh slate?

If I use WinSCP to connect to the Vera and delete every file there, will the base system be restored once I do a factory reset?

Nope. Just connect via ssh and run this

/usr/bin/cmh_Reset.sh all

Thanks! I’ll try that.

Edit: I must be doing something wrong (I’m not familiar with SSH). I managed to connect to the Vera through SSH with Windows Powershell as root, but that command you gave me was rejected. So, I figured maybe I could chdir /usr, then chdir /bin and run “cmh_Reset.sh all” in that directory, but it just gave me a blank prompt for a minute before telling me the connection was terminated. Nothing looks changed on the Vera. Can you please give me some pointers?

Sorry for the confusion –
Did you mean that I should delete all files via WinSCP first and then log in with SSH and run that command, or just run the SSH command? I haven’t touched the files yet. Still seeing files from plugins I installed years ago.

No need to delete files. The connection will be terminated because it’s rebooting the unit. Look at /tmp/log/cmh/log.cmh_reset to see what’s logged, if any. If the unit is reachable via web, the same things can be done under settings.

Ok, thank you.
Why would I want to leave all of those old files on the device, though? Surely there must be a zipfile or file-list somewhere around with the base required files? Maybe I’m just being OCD, but it rubs me the wrong way to see so much useless clutter on a device that seems to struggle with storage space.

Maybe a better, more straightforward question would be:
will I brick my Vera Plus if I delete every file I find in the filesystem when I log in with WinSCP and then attempt a “factory reset”?
I’m nervous to try it out.

Factory reset will copy deleted files again. Use at your own risk.

Cool. All the files will be copied back, or just the crucial ones for the OS?