Radio Thermostat Filtrete Thermostat and Amazon Echo

Was anyone able to send Amazon Alexa voice commands to the 3M Radio Thermostat Wifi unit? I can fully control it via VeraPlus UI but not through the Amazon Alexa. The device has been discovered by Alexa, but when I send a command it tells me that the device is not responding. I tried uninstalling and re-installing , disabling and re-enabling all plug-ins.

I am using the newest Vera+ Firmware (1.7.2608), the latest version of the Radio Thermostat Wi-Fi Plugin (v3.0), the latest Amazon Alexa Helper plugin (v.1.11), and, on the Alexa Device, the beta version of the Vera Smarter Home Control.

Did you take a look to see if anything is in the Vera log file at the time you try this?

I took a different approach and got a Raspberry Pi running the HA Bridge which is controlled by Alexa. This works very well and has allowed me to control the Filtrete Radio Thermostat (Alexa thinks I have a dimmer named “heat”, so I say “Alexa set the heat to 68”). But I would think that you should be able to do this through Vera and that would save the expense of the additional hardware.

so I can pull the current temp from Alexa->vera->radio thermostat , but I cant set it. I’m looking at the source code and I see this

 "HeatSetPoint": {
        "CoolSetPoint": {


I’m guess there is a standard format or command set that should be implemented. If I can find out set them i’m pretty sure I can rework the radio thermostat code in github to work with alexa.

Or if someone has already done this then please speak up.

Could the issue be similar to this one where the f/w needs to be higher?