Questions on a new shade setup

I’ve been reading through the forums and I am little confused with capabilities of the Somfy adapters with the Vera. What I am looking for is the ability to create various levels of blocking on the shades. For example, shades down but open, shades down and closed, and shades fully open. I thought I read that the Somfy won’t work two way, yet I thought I also read that z-wave enables it to act like a dimmer so various levels. Can someone clear this up for me or suggest a direction?

Thank you


Somfy doesn’t offer a Z-Wave motor. The closest thing they have is an ILT motor with Z-Wave add-on. Other than that, Somfy has their RTS (Radio Technology Somfy) which is one-way and they have created a Z-Wave interface which will take a two-way Z-Wave signal from Vera and convert to one-way RTS. So there is no way to get feedback from an RTS motor. has motors with embedded Z-Wave which will give accurate position as @Piwtorak suggested. Or if you need low voltage motors you can use an external Zwave motor controller on a standard motor. This will also give you two-way communication, position, and confirmation.

Has anyone bought a motor from Are you happy? How do these motors look like? Are they installed within the tube of a roller shade? Or above, or next to it, or how? I don’t have any experience with motorized window treatments yet, but am looking to equip my home with it now. I noticed that they use AC power supply. Is that a problem with New York City building/electric code? So many questions…

Thank you!

I have

they are silent motors and a friend what see a somfy motor say that mine are very similar in silent and quality.

I think voltave is not a problem. my shadows are installed directly to my power and here is 110v 60hz.

I hope this helps.