Question on lighting scene

I am looking at setting a scene where I can turn on a bedroom light every weekday morning at a particular time but not have the scene kick-in on certain days in the year or on designated holidays - anyone has done this before or could point me to the right direction would be much appreciated. So for example, in bedroom 1, I want the lights to turn on every weekday at 6 am but on MLK day, or the week of Christmas or Thanksgiving, I want this exempted - this is to say on these days, the light should remain off. Doable?

It is most likely doable using Luup code, or you can wait to see if @Guessed is able to finish his Google Calendar plug-in (very busy at the moment) as that would make things more intuitive. He said he ran into some difficulties a ways back though.

You might also want to look into using a virtual device to use to make the decision on whether this is a workday morning (and as stated above, using LUA code). You will probably need to also have a way of setting this virtual device manually, so that you can abort the light on unexpected weekdays (such as snow days) that you do not want to get up.