Question about 'Staggered on' Scene

This is not really a how to question…I’d like to know if it can be done with an Veraedge before ordering the parts(UI7)

Can I create a scene that would:

Every 2 second turn on a WO15Z-1 wall outlet…across 25 outlets. Basically outlet #1 turns on, outlet #2 turns on 2 seconds later, outlet #3 turns on 2 seconds later …etc to outlet 30.

Using an Cooper RF9540 dimmer, can I create a scene that will increase the brightness of the lights? For example…lets say across 5 seconds…the brightness goes from 10% to 100%…then maybe 100% back down to off?

Again…would just like to know if it’s possible using the standard UI built into Veraedge before I shell out a grand in parts

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Yes you can build scenes with delays by default, so you can say something like:
At 3:00 turn on outlet 1, then 2 seconds later turn on outlet 2, etc.
How you want to trigger that scene is little unclear (is it set time or something else?)

For the Cooper question, yes if you are just controlling the lights it is attached to you can make scenes like that by default.

I would start small, get one or two outlets and a Dimmer, and make sure you can do what you want since you aren’t being very clear about how you want the scenes to get triggered which is more of the tricky part that may need something that is not in the default Vera.