Question about multiple Netatmo's

I’ve got the Netatmo plug in configured properly, but it pulls in all of the sensors from my two separate Netatmo installations.

Is there any way to only pull the sensors from a single Netatmo, short of having two separate Netatmo accounts?

To solve this problem, I did two things. First, I altered the basic Netatmo device to only create children for Temp and Humidity, which is what I wanted. Then I just went through figuring out which child sensors were from which unit and hid the ones I didn’t want in the startup lua.

Inelegant, and it would be great to have a better solution, but this will work for now.

You can actually choose exactly which measurements you want to display on a Module basis, using the XXXChildren variable in the master Netatmo device (where XXX is the name of a module.)

Same syntax as ChildSensors variable (which you can set blank to override the global default.)

Thanks. There’s lots of items there on the variable tab, and I unfortunately have two duplicate names across the two Netatmo’s: Basement and Outdoors.

So if I wanted to hide all of the “Basement” children, what exactly would I put in that variable?

To be honest, I think this is your best bet… gives complete control over each one. There’s no problem AFAIK with having two instances of the plugin with different account credentials.

Thanks bud.

I’m satisfied for the moment with how it’s configured - restricting children to only Temp and Humidity, and hiding the sensors from the unit I’m not interested in seeing on this Vera. Having two separate Netatmo accounts would complicate other things, like the smartphone app.

Great plugin though. I can finally annoy my wife with automatic AC ops in the bedroom :slight_smile:

I know this is an old topic, but I was having an issue with the plugin starting. I too have two Netatmo stations. One at my primary house and one at my cabin, which is hours away. Things have been great, but my outdoor unit at my cabin stopped reporting, which caused the local plugin to not start.

Anyway, I figured out a way to work around keeping my phone app showing both and only getting my primary data from my house into Vera. I ended up sharing my “Home” station with a secondary email. I then created the ID’s needed for this secondary “shared” account. Updated the plugin within Vera and now I only see my one unit. And withing my App I still see both.