Qubino Flush shutter DC

I’m having trouble with the Qubino Flush shutter DC for my curtains on the Vera Egde.
Has anyone got this module to work. When I include it i get “Purgins Associations” error.
I just bought the Vera (Switched from FHC2 cause Fibaro said that the module wasnt supported and Qubino said that it would work with Vera Egde.)and this is the first module I’m trying to include.

I also tried setting the parameter 78 - 1 to get an auto configuration, I only got the curtain to do the config. once.
The thing is i have vertical blinds with tilt function and it wont slide just tilt.
Whenever i try to open/close or up/down the curtain will sometimes tilt and sometimes it wot do anything at all.

Please help me! ???

It took me 4 times include/exclude before it was working properly.