QEES Wall Scene controller


I’ve got my Vera 2 a couple of days ago. Now running UI5. (1.5.156) Previously i ran my setup with a different gateway, where i could associate the 4 buttons on the qees wall with ease. But now with Vera2 i have to learn all from scratch. I have no problem in including the device with VERA. But it seems not to work with assigning scenes to triggers. I have tried to configure button 1 to turn all my lights in my living room on, and assign button 2 to switch all of again. In my previous setup i had to configure button 1 for both options. One press turns all on, and a doppelpush turned it all on.

Can anyone give me a step by step, how to configure the buttons? It would be nice, if i just could use button 1 to toggle on/off.

Thanks in advance!

ok. I figured it out. ;D

Just add group 1 through 4 according to key 1 through 4.

How did you get UI5 (1.5.156) on your V2?



I actually got it from a danish z-wave retailer, who is linking to a download area at MiOS:
link redacted

Be aware that this is a danish translated firmware!

And my SQ Remote doesn’t work after this upgrade. Firmware is too new :stuck_out_tongue:

Please do not publish pre-release, or Beta, firmware links on the forum. These are not for distribution.