[Q] Excluding defective device... how?

I’ve been using the Aeon Labs in-wall micro switch 18103 (not the dimmer) to control the on/off function of a ceiling fan. It pulls maximum 40 watts - which according to an exchange I had with Aeon Labs, should be no problem for the switch. Even though the switch is rated for 10A RESISTIVE loads, they said it can safely control up to 5A of inductive/motor loads. 40W is well under 1A.

I’ve been using the switch for the last two weeks or so, when suddenly it went completely dark. There is power to the input, but no LED, no controls, no polling with Vera. I swapped it with an identical functioning switch. But…

How does one EXCLUDE a device that has gone bad? Or, does one really have to exclude it? I want to avoid any problems with leaving an non-responsive device in the Vera config.

press the trashcan on the device and restart vera, it should delete the device.

Make sure you run a heal after you do that. I would even recommend running a heal twice.

Thanks guys. Will run a heal tonight, and again tomorrow night when it’s least disruptive.