PTZ function for Vivotek Camera

This is my first Vera install. And I have to say I am very impressed :). I will be buying one for my house very soon. I have just installed a Vera2 in an upscale clothing store. The controller is automating all the lights, Open sign, two thermostats and two motion sensors. The customer is also controlling the lights and thermostats from iphone via iVera and a GE hand held remote control. I have also installed 5 Vivotek PZ7111 PTZ cameras with a CMS station and video server for in store surveillance. I have the cameras working on dashboard and with iVera but with no ptz function. I would really like to get this function working and have seen on some other posts where it has been done with some other brands besides Panasonic using the Generic camera plug-in. I have tried to do what these other posts have said with no success. The following is the link to the user’s manual. Any help would be appreciated. [url=]:: VIVOTEK ::

Sorry for bumping an old topic, but I wonder if you have get the Vivotek work with PTZ and the Vera2?

By looking at the manual, it looks like it should work. What you need to determine are the commands needed to move the camera. To test commands, you should be able to copy paste them into a browser and watch the camera move. The commands you are looking for are on page 119 of the .pdf linked in the post above.

Look at this post for more info on how to modify the commands in the Implementation File for the Camera plug-in: