Prpblem with TKB Home light insert module TZ71

I am new to ZWave world and I started my home automation project with Vera3 and few light insert modules to control my light on and off. I installed 6 units so far and they are working fine except that when electricity went off and on again (it is happening frequently in my area) all the lights stay off and I need to switch them on back again.
It is annoying as I am using it to control my garden light and whenever happens , I need to re switch them ON again.
I’ve contacted the supplier and he confirm this issue as the module does not save the last state before the electricity shutdown.
I have 2 questions:
1- Is this normal with the light on-off modules from other suppliers?
2-Is there a trick or a work around solution to operate the light with the last state before electricity to go out.