Program logic plugins compatibility with UI7

I recently downloaded a Fortrezz flow meter plugin for my Vera Plus,resulting in my controller being incapacitated with me being over a 1000 miles away. Vera customer service was able to remove the plugins (DataYours came with it) when I was able to do so. The customer service agent verified it was the plugin and not my VeraPlus controller. Since I have already ordered the flow meter which will be physically installed by mid-June, I need some other way of harvesting data from it to potentially turn off an automated water valve when there is too much water flow or too long of water flow. I would like to use the program logics plugins to do this. So are these compatible with UI7 on my VeraPlus? If so, can they just be downloaded from the Vera app list? How much do they cost and is PayPal the only way one can pay for them (don’t have a Paypal,account)? Thanks for any help with this.

PLEG (you also need the PLC plugin)
Works on UI5 (older version) and UI7 (latest versions).
There is a free mode (unlimited for 30 days, and limited to a few inputs and a few conditions later)
A license is $5.95 and allows you to create 4 PLEG devices with virtually unlimited inputs and conditions.
In the Vera APP list … search for PLEG

Thanks, Richard. I had seen those plugins but didn’t know if those were the versions that I should be downloading. From what I can gather, those plugins alter Vera to allow more options in scenes. However, from what I can read, I am unsure whether it is still menu driven in Vera or will it require me to directly write code (since I have never written code, the latter could be a tall order). Thanks for any input on this.

PLEG does not alter scenes, and it does not require you to code, it does the coding for you. Try it out for a while, catch the hang of it, and you will see the $5.99 is a deal.

Writing code… No you don’t have to code, but what I call coding and what you might think coding is can be different.

You will have to write something out in conditions. It’s not a drop down box. This can be simple or it can be complex.

You will need to write out the name of the device and you will have to write things like and, or, not or similer. Now the basics can be very simple but PLEG is made to create more technical scenes which vera can not do in the stock scenes.

If motion happens before front door opens do this…
If Motion 1, then 2 then 3 all go in that order or withing 30 secs of each other then do this…
If the door opens but there is no motion for 10 sec then do this…
If this happens, and this happens but this doesn’t happen then do this…

Those are examples of things that basic scenes can’t do and PLEG can. But you have to write them out and there is a PDF manual (PLEG Basics) that can help get you started but it can seem difficult for someone new (and you may even think and call it coding but it’s not). It will also seem super easy to others where writing LUA would be more code and difficult.

You do have to write your logic using an expression that is composed of many operators.
Yes that can be considered coding … But it does validate what you type in and indicate if things are valid inputs or operators (using the color coding)

Thanks all. Food for thought. Might be too complicated for me but I may need to tackle at some point.

That was my thought the first couple of years of owning my Vera. Bit the bullet last December, played with it all winter, and found out how easy it is once you understand how how to use it. Then you spend all your time fiddling with it as you think up new, cool, ways to bend Vera to your will - well, when Vera cooperates 8)

Thanks for the encouragement (I think). I already find it frustrating to need to have a separate scene to turn off light.