Program Logic plugins compatibility with UI7?

Having downloaded a plugin for a Fortrezz flow meter a couple of days ago that hung up my VeraPlus controller, I am a little leery of downloading plugins. I have heard so many good things about the Program logic plugins and would like to download those. First, are they compatible with UI7? And how much is the license fee for them? The aforementioned bad experience resulted in my VeraPlus being totally incapacitated and I am more than 1000 miles from the home in which the controller is located. Thanks for any help.

You should move this to the Program Logic Plug-Ins sub-forum.,48.0.html

Thought it would be seen here better. How can one move a post? Or is that for moderators only?

I have been using PLEG since December on UI7. Well worth the modest fee and you can try it out for 90 days.