Program logic event settings involving triggers

Program logic event settings

i have two scenes no 18 and 19 and two triggers the triggers settings are as follows Goes above 15 degrees and the second trigger is goes below 16 degrees

scene 18 name is: stat switch off
Scene 19 name is: stat switch on

i noticed within the triggers tab and when selecting the loop event button the headings are as follows

Scene #18, device: _Embedded Temperature Sensor, event: above15

Scene #19, device: _Embedded Temperature Sensor, event: below 16

can someone help me with the code that would be required to activate the two triggers between 7 am and 9 am so the stat can trigger scenes then at 9am deactivate the triggers and finaly activate scene 18 so that the heater controled by scene 18 is forced to the off
position after the time period expired because if the triggers are just deactivated the heater could stil be on

some help is more than required here im clue less but i dont want clues goney just tell me how to do this so i can get away from the computer

I have a hard time following your scenario.
Can you more clearly say what you want to do.
And use meaning full names in the discussion.

what i am asking is what condition expresion do i use to controle a termostat base on time i dont understand condition expressions
scene 18 switches a device off and i have a trigger in the scene switching off using _Embedded Temperature Sensor, event: above15
scene 19 switches a device on and the trigger in the scene switching on useing _Embedded Temperature Sensor, event: below 16

the above settings work as far as controling tempeture but not at a sheduled time it requires me to enable the trigger
sorry i dont know the jargon in more detail im finding it quite difficult to buy a vera unit and understand coding thats why i am asking for a wee help out no suprises there then

So I think you want to control a Thermostat based on temperature;On with temp < 16; and Off with temp > 15. But you only want to do this to between 7-9 AM … At 9AM you want to to Switch the thermostat Off if it was turned ON during this interval. At all other times it’s on manual control … do not mess with it!

No technical jargon … just a clear definition of what you want to accomplish.
Now you have two Scenes, HeatOn(19) and HeatOff(18)

This would have to be done in LUUP code or can be done with the Program Logic Event Generator plugin as follows:

Create A PLEG device with the following:
Warm = Sensor XX Indicates temp > 15
Cool = Sensor XX Indicates temp < 16
ScheduledOn - Runs at 7:00 AM every Day
ScheduledOff - Runs at 9:00 AM every Day
HeatOn = (ScheduledOn and Cool) or (07:00:00; Cool; 09:00:00)
HeatOff = (ScheduledOff and Cool) or (07:00:00; Warm; 09:00:00)

HeatOn scene is triggered when PLEG condition HeatOn is satisfied
HeatOff scene is triggered when PLEG condition HeatOff is satisfied

This will need the fix supplied in my Beta Release … see forums: