Problems with setup

Hi folks,

I’ve got a few problems.

Vera is set up in the living room, and working great as a wireless AP. On the Zwave side I’ve got problems.

I have intermatic switches throughout the house that work well with a Thinkstick on a computer about 3 feet from Vera.

I also have an Intermatic HA07 in the living room with Vera, as well as a HMS100 multi-sensor in the pantry about 15-20 feet from Vera. All wall switches and lamp modules respond quickly without fail if I use the web interface in vera, so I’m reasonably sure vera has no problems communicating with the devices.


  1. The HA07 has a scene set up to turn on/off the living room lights. Often we have to push the button 2 or 3 times before the signal is received by Vera. the HA07 reports “Not Successful” on each failed press.

  2. The HMS100 is located in a dark pantry pointed at the door, about 6 feet deep. I’ve set up Vera when the sensor trips so that it will turn on a light (screw in zwave lamp module). Vera is programmed to bypass the motion sensor then enable it after again after 1 minute, as well as turn off the light after 1 minute as we’re in and out of the pantry rarely but only for a short time. The problem is that the signal seems to rarely make it to vera. Often the red light on the sensor will flash making me believe has tripped, however the light doesn’t turn on.

Again, all the light switches and screw in lamp modules respond to the web interface in Vera as well as a Think Stick in a computer located very close to Vera’s location. I believe the problems are just with these two devices interacting with Vera.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.


Who is your ZWave Master Controller? The best way it will be to make Vera your Master Controller.
How have you set the scene on the HA07? Using Vera’s Method#2?
In devices does you Motion Sensor have an green cog?
If you look at the ZWave log do you see any events from the Motion sensor?