Problems adding IPCC 7210W camera

Purchased this camera from Amazon and am very impressed with the picture quality (1280x720). Through the company’s support forum ( IPCC-7210W support for Vera 3 - Forum) I found the URLs for getting a snapshot image and livestream. These work fine a browser.

When attempting to add the camera to my VeraLite, I go through the manual setup option and paste the URL for snapshots in the box. The username and password are in the URL. When I click next I get an “Authentication Required” popup for username and password. No matter what I enter here, it doesn’t work. The popup keeps coming back. I’ve tried different combinations in the setup process, to no avail.

Has anyone else seen this on any other camera they were trying to add?

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Solved (mostly) by configuring the URL like this:


I am able to see and control the camera with AuthomationHD, but I cannot see anything using the Device in the Vera Web page. Oh, well.

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This has started to become an issue with Foscam and other units as well since the latest firmware expects encrypted credentials. Which the Vera plug-in does not seem to support. So far the only workaround seems to be putting the credemtials in the actual URL