Problem with retention of Schlage Lock data

Vera seems to lose some of the Schalge lock settings when updating others.

Here are the situations I have encountered:

Scenario A:

  1. Add lock code 1234 (Bob)
    → Bob is in list
  2. Add lock code 2345 (Dan)
    → Dan is in list
    → Bob is missing from list
  3. Add 1234/Bob again - unsuccessful
  4. Remove Dan
  5. Add Bob
    → Bob is in list
  6. Add Dan
    → Dan and Bob are in list

Scenario B:

  1. Old User 3 and User 4 are in list
  2. Remove User 3
    → User 3 gone from list
  3. Remove User 4
    → User 4 gone from list
  4. Add 1234/Bob
    → Bob shows up in list
  5. Add 2345/Dan
    → Bob gone and (assumedly) replaced by User 3
    → Dan gone and (assumedly) replaced by User 4


Did you ever figure out the issue, since this is exactly the issue I am having and Vera customer support has not answered anything in 2 weeks