Problem of Watt monitoring in Aeon Labs Smart Energy illuminator

I bought a Aeon Labs Smart Energy illuminator (it has a dimmer function + Watt/consumation monitoring function).
Here my problem:
the dimmer works very well but the Watt monitoring doesn’t: the Aeon device is connected to a halogen lamp and when i switch it on the consumation doesn’t update in real time but it need a lot of minutes…Some thing if i start to change the power using the dimmer: no way to have a “real time” power monitoring update…
I realized that if i pull the Aeon device i’m able to have this update but if i change the timing pull in the setting (i put like 2 seconds) no way again…
Do you know how can i manage it? Is there a variable that i have to set to have this Watt monitoring update?
Thanks a lot.

I’m very impressed…no answer at all ???
Nobody has any idea how to speed up the update of the power measurement?

Is the status reflected right away when turning on or off of the light? Look at the microswitch thread. There are some discussions about enabling instant status for the device which almost seems like your issue.

  • Garrett

the status (on - off and the % → there is also a dimmer) is showed immediately when light is switch on or off but not the power : the power value is updated after minutes from switch on :o … but if i press “pull the node now” the value is update (of course)

I did not find nothing in microswitch thread.
If you already saw the link please post it.