Problem configure node for everspring ST814

I was able to connect my temp/humidity sensor to vera lite initially, and got reading (battery status, temp, humidity). But whenever I tried to use the setting section to configure node, it said unable to get any information. I press the c/f button 3times to enter link mode. But the linking icon only stays on for a few seconds (not sure if that is normal). Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Are you doing this on the main device or on the child device (temp and humidity)? You should only do this on the main (parent) device.

  • Garrett

Hi. Thanks. I’m not sure what you mean. But the sensors are showing up as 3 separate devices (battery, humidity, and temp). So I guess they are main?

The device showing the battery is the one you want to configure. (I’m not sure of the correct terminology, but that is the main device. It’s not just an indication of battery level). The other two device allow you to read and trigger on temp and humidity, but can’t be configured (I believe). This is how many devices with multiple functions appear in vera. It takes of bit of experience to identify the main (parent) device.

The link does just flash for a second or two. That is normal.

Thanks for the explanation. I was able to configure the nodes after redoing the inclusion (by pressing configure node now). But when I tried poll now, it says cannot send information to node. Does that mean I have not configured the node correctly?

A node can’t be polled when it’s asleep. Manually polling any battery powered device will normally result in the error you’re seeing. The ST814 is designed to wake up with the temp and humidity Hi/LO presets. It can directly control a device when it alarms on the preset conditions, but I haven’t been able to get that to work.
If you “wake up” the device with the three button pushes you will find you can manually poll the device (if done quickly).

Thanks for your help. So how would I be able to program the sensor to wake up more often to send information to vera? So I can have more frequent information?

Two ways, I think
Under the advanced tab, change wakeupinterval and poll
The second way is to set the device itself to alarm on min/max values. I believe it wakes up when it alarms.