Previous user code being sent instead of current - Yale Touchscreen

I have a Vera 2 coupled with a Yale Real Living Touchscreen door lock. I have the following LUUP code:

local UserCode = luup.variable_get(“urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:DoorLock1”,“sl_UserCode”,6) or “Unknown”

local User = string.gsub (UserCode, " ", “+” ) --This replaces all the spaces with “+” for use in the prowl notification

luup.inet.wget(“h ttp://” … User … “&priority=-1”)

When I unlock the door, I get a prowl notification from the previous code showing the previous user rather than the current one. This goes on and on, every time showing the previously input user. Any ideas?

what is the trigger you’re using for this?

As per my trigger screen:

Device: #6 Front Door Lock
What type of event is the trigger?: A door is opened or closed
Which Mode: Device is opened

The lock is also falsely reporting an unlock multiple times a day.

Check your log [tt]LuaUPnP.log[/tt] file to ensure that Vera itself isn’t restarting.

PS: You don’t actually have a space in the http above, do you? Not sure if that’s just a typo in your example or it really exists in your code.

I dont have a USB stick in the Vera. Is that the only way the logs are stored?

Something new…Ive disabled the trigger on the scene, and my lock is still randomly showing as “unlocked” even though it is most definetely locked. What gives? Is this a problem with the lock? Its like every few hours it just reports a “unlock” (even though its not). Im more concerned about this than I am about the incorrect user codes.

Also I added the space to the http just in the post. In the scene there is no space.

This log is unconditionally on Vera. If it gets large, it’ll be archived out, and a new one generated.

It’s [tt]/var/log/cmh/LuaUPnP.log[/tt] once you’ve SSH’d to the box. I’ve seen cases where notifications are sent out over-and-over, once per each time the LuaUPnP Process restarts, so that something to check.

Ive disabled all triggers on my lock and the door lock is still intermittently showing as unlocked (both on my iphone app and the MIOS interface). It is however staying locked. Im not sure what I should be looking for in the log. I opened it with the “tail” command so it shows things as they happen, but it all seems relatively normal?

Also, ive noticed any time I make a change in the settings in the MIOS interface for the lock, the lock will show as unlocked about a minute later. I wonder if some kind of reconfiguration of the Vera is happening intermittently that is causing the same result?

Is there a way / Is it worth downgrading to UI4?

When Vera crashes, you get stuff like this in the logs:

2012-05-10 19:36:11 - LuaUPnP Terminated with Exit Code: 139 2012-05-10 19:36:11 - LuaUPnP crash

This was copied from this post, and I amended the Code to be the more common one:,10539.msg72992.html#msg72992

There’s a variety of other stuff that’s output as well, like a full Process list (ps) and often the lock dumps like those seen in the post above. It then does the startup sequence.

Some of this only comes up when Vera is set to use Verbose logging mode.

Even if it’s not crashing, in verbose logging mode, you can see when the lock value is changing, and when the notifications are being sent out (for example). This may take some digging, but the information is there.

Is there a way / Is it worth downgrading to UI4?
That's an option for Vera2 users. Vera3 can [i]only[/i] run UI5.

Well UI4 was a bust, I couldnt even get the lock and UI4 to properly configure. Back at UI5 now and things are back to how they were. It seems the lock reports as unlocked every 2 or so hours. Almost as if the unit polls the lock and it just reports as being unlocked when it really isnt. Im more concerned about this issue than I am about the incorrect usernames at this point