Powering PC using zwave

How does this guy power his PC via zwave?

Most likely using wake on lan. Not sure if he is using my plugin WOLPlusPing or just the wol plugin or something of his own. I see he is using my app! :slight_smile:

  • Garrett

So you don’t need to have the pc plugged to any special device right?

It needs to support wake on lan and have it enabled.

  • Garrett

Cool thanks!

Hi Garrett

I have been looking at you plugin and would like to ask for some advice and permission to change it?
I love the WOL and the ping, but I want to add an ssh poweroff option when you press the Off button on the device.
I got it working as a Luup code with ssh, but want to see if I can add it to your device to make is cleaner.
I am happy to give you the steps if you want to maybe do it as an update, otherwise I will have a hack at it my self. :slight_smile:
Let me know

You can hack it all you want. But it might be easier to put the code in a scene and have the plugin execute the scene for the off button.

  • Garrett


Not 100% on what you mean with the plugin running the scene.
Sorry I have to say a bit of a newbie on the Luup and plugins…

Put the lua/luup code in a scene. Have that scene trigger when the off button is pressed from the WOLPlusPing Plugin device. This is what I do for my different devices as they are combination of linux, windows, and mac.

  • Garrett

Hi Garrett

Thanks for that,
And there I want to go and make things so hard…
Thanks for the Plugin and again for your help on this…
Now for the rest in my house…


Could you maybe upload your example with the ssh-turn-off part or post the code?