Power LED RED all other led's are ON GREEN

After having issues formatting USB drive i reset my Vera 3 and it ended up not booting, light sequence as follows:
Power LED solid Green ~ 4 seconds, then Flash Green/Red for ~ 30 seconds and finally Power LED goes red with all other LEDs solid green.

I can still use WinSCP to get access to the Vera3 but not sure what log file to check to see if i can see any issue.
There are a number of other posts including the sticky relating to LED sequences but nothing similar to this that i can see.
Anyone come across this before??

I’ve also opened a support ticket.



It sounds like a problem USB drive. Have you tried rebooting with the USB drive removed?

Yes USB drives have been removed with the same result

I did see a topic relating to the light flashing green/amber which advised to telnet to device on boot and to erase the flash. Did this but still the same after.