Possible to connect to Vera via VPN (PPTP via DD-WRT router)

iVera works great around my house, and it works well when connecting remotely via the mios fwd servers. However, if I am going to route home cameras and potentially door locks though my Vera 2, I surely don’t want anyone (@ micasaverde, mios, or anywhere) to be able to connect to it w/o my authorization. I’m also worried that if MCV/Mios were hacked, someone would have full access to my house.

So, I’ve gone and disabled remote access to my Vera2 but when I connect to my VPN on my iPhone and then try to connect to my Vera unit in iVera, it says it can’t. Is iVera requiring something other than my Vera’s IP address to connect?

My VNC app (iTeleport) works just fine over VPN when I specify the IP of the machine I want to connect to. Hoping iVera can as well.

Could you send me an email at ivera-bug@thinkiwi.com. As long as iVera can get the local IP of your Vera from MCV’s server, then it shouldn’t have problem connecting locally it.