Possible improvements

I very much like iVera - it’s very simple and works well. Couple of things I’d like to see:

  • I have a lot of appliance modules. At the moment these all appear under Lights. Could that be renamed to Switches or Toggles or similar?

  • In the Home section I’d like to see Scenes under each room as well as devices. Could be a setting so anyone who didn’t want to see them could turn them off

  • iOS 4 support. Would be great if it could use the dehydration stuff to load quicker.

Thanks again for a great app.

Hello and thank you for the feedback, we will take those into consideration. iOS4 support is actually currently under development.

Just so you know, a software update with some new features, bug fixes and full UI4 support has been sent to Apple and is currently in review. It will be available for download on the AppStore as soon as they approve it.