Port redirection

OpenWRT has to be the worst user friendly firewall I have ever configured.

I am trying to do a simple port forward for Airvideo…


Note that remote access needs an UPnP or NAT-PMP compliant router. If your router does not support these protocol you will have to configure the port forwarding yourself - forward the port 45631 from your router to the computer running Air Video server.

  1. I thought Vera3 was a UPnP compliant router. Apparently not. Airvideo automatically configures itself to a UPnP complaint router but not the VERA3. My old Linksys had NO issue with this.
  2. I tried port forwarding and port redirection with OpenWRT. Cannot get it to work. I guess I should have gotten my CCNA and CCNP before purchasing the Vera3.
  3. The WIKI doesn’t even come close to explaining how to configure this option. And the WIKI that tries to show how to do this doesn’t even have the right options to choose.

Also how can you do a simple WAN IP release? Linksys/Dlink and any other commerical router has a simple option in their interface to Release the WAN IP.

Would appreciate any help anyone can provide.


What version of Vera are you running? (1.5.322?)

Yes the latest firmware.