I have successfully installed this device on VeraPlus ( 1.7.3232) meaning I have BOTH the Smoke Detector device (Disarm / Arm) and the Parent device - which operates the Security Siren (On / Off). As known there are two distinctive alarms - one for actual smoke detection and another a Security Siren (can be adjusted) which is operated by the Parent device or through programming - my intention.

PROBLEM - When the smoke detector is Armed upon a movement at the house which triggers a Motion sensor - the Parent unit (Siren) will change to ON and the Security Siren will start. THIS HAPPENS WITHOUT ANY PROGRAMMING as if there is a hidden association between the Motion sensors and the POPP Device. Needless to say NO Programming or association was made - this happens for the “out of box” device.
When the Smoke Detector is Disarmed this does not happen.

Any experience with this device / or way of insuring there is NO Hidden ASSOCIATION.


Select Dashboard>My Modes and scroll down to the section Titled “What to do if an armerd sensor trips?” See the attached image for reference. If your new siren appears in this section and one or more of the slider bars indicate on, then this is probably why you are seeing the behavior you described.

Thanks, I do not use Modes at all and therefore not familiar with if.
Nevertheless I have changed them all to OFF.
The thing is how the siren got tripped???
Does it get tripped automatically by the Mode when there is any other sensor in the Mode that is tripped?



Can I ask how you added/installed this device? Cant`find Popp Smoke Sensor when choosing device to add. Did you use Generic Z-wave device? I also have VeraPlus with 1.7.3232.

Yes - I have used the generic Zwave device and both devices were added immediately.
I thank BrianLBeaton for his help - automating siren was solved.

Thanks man! Up and running now! :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue.
If the Popp siren is turned on by an armed IR sensor, the child device (smoke sensor) is reporting smoke and the alarm goes on for smoke!?
I have tried to solve this in PLEG scenes but I can’t figure out how to handle it…
I reported this issue last autumn to Vera.

@Sorin M: is it possible to get this fixed?

Before these sirens, I had 3 Fibaro smoke detectors which didn’t work well with Vera eather, they reported fire during the night…

@paros, this is one of those “unfortunate” devices that their manufacturer chose a very odd implementation, which does not really follow the regular template of similar devices.
This implies that Vera side, we have to do a custom template for it. It’s not really something to “fix” as nothing is broken Vera side, it’s just unfortunate device implementation.
, by its manufacturer.

Changing it is a B2B decision which is based on a lot of factors, the number of customers requesting this and the interest of the manufacturer itself is two of the items that cause raise in priority on this device integration.