Android app: Ipoly/PolyControl by Hans Overgaard

Thank you @Ap15e, but have you tried it and can you comment on it? Can you post screenshots? I don’t feel comfortable filling out the required information AND giving them/him you Vera login information.

Can you comment on whether you recommend following the instructions at the link provided, or can you get the app through the marketplace?

Edit: I found it on the marketplace under IPoly, installs as Poly Control, but it still asks for log-in information. Do you think it is safe to sign up?

think we need a new subsection here.
iPoly is also avalable through iTunes for iDevices.


this is the nl shop, but I’m sure it’s also available through other shops.

The only drawback right now are 2 issues that I need to investigate further.

  1. Only available in Danish language (English release end of the year?!?)

and more importantly;
2. One needs to create an account at PolyControl.

I wonder why that is and what functionality it will provide.
As for now, looking at it from the outside I see some privacy/security issues.
Like, I’m not giving my Vera username / device ID or any other info that might control Vera
to an account I don’t manage myself.

Any feedback is welcome!

You could create a new MiOS user just for testing iPoly - but don’t forget to delete the new user afterwards …

Yes, you don’t know what happens with your data, but the same holds true for all other clients whose source code isn’t available.