I was experiencing some weird on/off behavior on my pool controller (PE653RC) and I noticed that by turning off the global polling option it all stopped. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to disable the polling on the device itself. I found this information on the wiki (http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Polling_Settings) but I don’t have the same variables available on my Vera Edge UI7. This Vera Edge is brand new, and says it’s fully updated.

I see a variable called LastUpdate which defaults to a 0. Is that supposed to be the same thing???

Thanks for any help.

Atlantauser, let me tell you first that I’m not an experienced user. As far as I know, not all device variables are usually available on the Vera interface. However, you can add more variables and set the necessary values on those variables.

On your Vera Edge with UI7, please go into Devices, then pick the corresponding device, choose Advanced and click on the New Service tab, then input the variable number and value. I believe this will help you defining a new variable

I remember seeing this with a different look and feel, but can’t recall where it was. I hope this helps!

Go to
Devices/settings/variables and you should see a box ‘poll this node at most every’.
Set this to zero to stop polling