Polling issues Vera2 with Aeon Labs Microswitch and Duwi Switch Insert

I am testing all the european Z Wave modules in the market

I really hope someone can point me in the right direction for this.

It appears that the polling of Vera for some devices are working GREAT when you press manually on the devices (Like Qees Power and the EverSpring Appliance Module)

But there are some in wall devices like the Aeon Labs Microswitch ) http://downloads.ezhome.nl/en/AEO/AEO_SESM_sp_en.pdf) or the Duwi Switch Inserts that are really worrying me.

When I press manually on them , it takes about 1 minute for them to broadcast back their state to Vera.Triggering a scene after 1 minute really decreases the amount of useable scenarios we can do.

my question is :

Is this the manufacturer’s issue?
Vera’s polling issue for this specific device?
if yes

then is there any firmware update that can take care of this annoying issue?