PLUGIN: VeraFlux - Send Device Data to InfluxDB

I know nothing about InfluxDB or VeraFlux, but there are many articles on InfluxDB memory hunger. These may be relevant, search for others:

(see discussion under “InfluxDB Advantages” section in this article)

I also note you have a Java process running. Java’s runtime allocates but never frees memory from the system. It will allocate memory from its configured min/start (-Xms) to its configured max (-Xmx) linearly; it will never return unused memory to the system. You may need to periodically restart the java process to reduce overall system memory use (ideally, of course, you would find a happy setting for max that works for your other system process and the total amount of system RAM, so that java hitting its limit doesn’t cause paging (swap) or system failure).

Increasing your swap size is likely only going to slow your system down and cause excess wear on the drive.

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I have an issue with adding pressure sensors to the sent data types.
I made an issue on GitHub, but mabye @BlueSmurf is more active at this forum?

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Anyone manage to add additional fields to already existing service tables? I followed the patterns and triple checked. Nothing gets updated for new items.

I’ve added a request on github to look at the possibility to slightly change the plugin so it can be used on Influx 2.x (compared to 1.8.x , there are some changes, concept of a access-token, organisation-id , …)
Hopefully there is still somebody looking at it or we keep stuck on InfluxDB 1.8.x

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