Plugin Update version 1.97

Only a few changes in this update:

  • Improved handling of startup of message handling. Normally a user will never see the result of this change. It only eliminates hundreds of repeated log entries.
  • Fixed decoding of the TFA rain sensor
  • Fixed limits on the Screenline device

Only two files have changed:

Unzip the attached archive and upload the two changed files. (144.3 KB)

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Hi @tinman Thanks for the update, but does this fix the Somfy issue as 1.96 broke this for my Somfy and Brel screens. I had to reinstall 1.87 to let it work again.

There are no changes to the Somfy portions of the code.

So I have to stick to 1.87 as the newer versions don’t work with me?

I’ve not received any other messages about issues with Somfy. As I’ve stated before I don’t have any Somfy devices to use for testing. They’re difficult to purchase here in the states - at least any product I could actually use - and they’re too expensive to purchase if I can’t use them.

Well for me, not only Somfy, also my Brel sunscreens didn’t work anymore after 1.87. As said, they only close a little bit. So if you didn’t change things back to as it was with 1.87, upgrading will brake it again.

Have you read the notes posted along with the version 1.94 release here: Plugin update version 1.94
There are some important things to note about window coverings variables.

To be honest, sorry I didn’t. Now I did.

Going to try 1.94, this also could be important information to you. If it doesn’t work, I just reinstall 1.87 over 1.94?


I’m not sure of all the implications of installing older versions over new ones. It may be OK but it’s difficult to be sure about it.

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