PLUGIN: Magic Home Wifi LED Control (Bulbs & RGBW strips)

These are side table lamps and the primary source of light in the Family room and Bedroom. Right now they are plugged into standard z-wave dimmer modules and have regular light bulbs in them. Since there is no switch wired to control the outlets they are plugged into, I purchased some wall mount Cooper RF9500 wireless switches and attached them to the wall near the door to each room. I programmed the RF9500’s via z-wave Direct Association through the Vera to turn on/off/dim the z-wave dimmer modules the lamps are plugged into. Now when you enter, you use the RF9500 switch to light up the room.

My goal would be to keep that functionality, but add the ability to have different colored light for watching TV/movies. Since the RF9500 won’t function as scene controllers and only work via direct association, I maybe out of luck, even with something like Hue bulbs since they probably can’t use Direct Association either.

Make and model number of these?

They are GE 45602’s Z-Wave dimmer modules, but my plan was to remove them and plug the lamp directly into the wall. Then I’d use the smart bulb’s on/off/dim/color features.

These are Z-Wave wall switches right?

We will have to look up what devices you are currently using, as they are US spec and we don’t know them.

So what lights do you have in the ceilings? And what controls them?

What are the Cooper RF9500 wireless switches physically connect to? Or nothing?

No, are are no wall switches involved. They are modules that plug into the wall, then you plug the lamp into them. They are added to the z-wave network and controlled via the Vera.

I have no ceiling lights in these rooms, only the table lamps. Prior to the HA setup, you had to walk into the room in the dark and switch the lamp on manually. The RF9500’s are battery operated and can be mounted on any wall. You don’t need an existing wall switch and there is no wiring involved.

My Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules and wall light switches physically control the ceiling lights as a connected lighting load.

However via Vera amf PLEG I have programmed double clicks on the these wall switches to also then turn on my side lamps.

I can’t change the colours of the side lamps via the wall switches though, but I can turn the side lamps on and off via the wall switch, even though the side lamps are not physically wired or connected to the wall switch.

I wouldn’t need to control the colors via the wall switch, just on/off and maybe dimming if I could get it. I could control the colors via the app or Alexa if possible. Since I can only Direct Associate the RF9500’s with a real z-wave device, I don’t think I’m going to be able to use them to control any kind of colored bulbs. I’d have to find a battery operated wireless wall switch that functions as a scene controller. However I don’t think those exist. At least they didn’t when I found the RF9500’s. It has to be a single switch, not a multi-button panel (WAF in action here), and it has to “look nice”. :slightly_smiling_face:

To me that sounds like a Z-Wave wall light switch.

But we are talking cross purposes I think.

A wall mounted switch is a switch on the wall. A light switch.

A plug or Z-Wave plugin module, is a a plug that plugs in to an electrical outlet / socket.

Anyone from the US can translate :thinking:

It is a z-wave device, but it’s not a traditional z-wave wall switch. It can mount anywhere on any wall, where there are currently no wires. It is battery operated and just sends on/off/dim signals to the z-wave controller or directly to a z-wave device via Direct Association. It doesn’t require a wired connection of any kind. You could carry it around in your pocket and push the button and it would do the same thing if you wanted. It looks like a regular wall switch but it has no wires coming out of it and uses a small battery for power.

If you Google Cooper RF9500 you can see what they look like. There are no wires on them at all. They’re basically a battery operated wireless z-wave remote that looks like a wall switch.

I’m sorry, I’m probably not explaining things well. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are able to trigger the switch in Vera when clicked, it’s doable.

I’m doing this with a wall switch: 1 click to toggle, 2 to rotate colors, long press to rotate dim presets.

The light strip is from hue and it’s not connected to the Zwave switch. The Zwave switch is not connected to a light, it’s acting as a scene controller. I also have a Shelly i3 doing the same for my home office.

That’s the problem. The Vera doesn’t respond in any way when you click the switch. The only thing that works is to set up the group and direct association between the switch and a device. Then it will turn the device on/off and dim it. The Vera doesn’t respond or show any activity at all.

Leave the association in place and use reactor to map the old z-wave wall plug to the new virtual device.

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go to the tool section of the reactor sensor, Use device spy and select the bedroom lamp. now use the rf9500 and turn off/on or dim bedroom light. Do you see any variable states changing?

Awesome! No, the bedroom lamp module showed no change when I activated the RF9500, BUT, when I used Device Spy on the RF9500 itself, I got this:

Watching #231 Master Bdrm Switch; waiting for changes in device states…
urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneController1 / sl_SceneActivated = “255”
urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneController1 / LastSceneTime = “1604774926”
urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneController1 / sl_SceneActivated = “0”
urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SceneController1 / LastSceneTime = “1604774932”

So it looks like the Vera is receiving a scene change. With that, I should be able to use Reactor to trigger HTTP Virtual Switch that will then send the message through Node Red to control the MagicHome bulb!

Just Wondered if anyone has tried using the Magic Home for addressable LED strips WS2811 or WS2812B:

I bought one but the Magic Home App won’t work obviously. So has anyone thought about taking the project on? Cheers, Paul

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