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I’m having an issue; I just installed luaview; but it does not seem to save my edits… the sections turn yellow after I edit something; but it never seems to save my changes. I can change the luup code in the scenes just fine.

Do you have any “X” marked lines in your code when shown in LuaView?

No, code looks good; no X marked.
I also don’t have a file downloaded when I click the “Back up lua” button …

Did you do a hard refresh after installing?

Good Call; I tried switching browsers and no issues now.
Thank you!

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What browser were you using before?

Hi Rigpapa,
I recently changed subnet on my home network and found that Luaview save me a lot of time opening each scene to examine for possible I.p modifications however it did not list and Lua that had been directly added to reactor activities and I had to wait for things to fail to realise this. Might it be possible to modify luaview to also reference reactor Lua activities please?
Again great apps and thanks again

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I’ve started to notice that when I’m in LuaView, if I go to the logs and try to scroll through them , as soon as I touch the embedded log view , it terminates my session ?

See screen snippet below, showing what it reports…

If I go an re-authenticate my session via Vera, as soon as I go back into LuaView and do the same thing it’s terminates me again ?? I can bounce around other menu screens/views etc. Even within LuaView itself (view my start script, not problem) it’s just when I go in to the log view and try to move it, that this occurs.

Any ideas of the cause ?

If you’re doing it through remote access (why else would you need a login session?), then that’s probably an issue. The update of the log file is highly interactive – lots of data back and forth between the Vera and the browser – and it may simply overwhelm the cloud remote access service, hit some limit in API request count or rate, or perhaps look like nefarious activity to some IDS or other security device/service on their network.

Hey @rigpapa

Thanks for responding - I’m not connected remotely I always connect to Vera locally. (So much so that if I’m out the house I vpn in to connect / so nothing should be going via the Vera servers ?)

I’m wondering if it is related to the errors I’m seeing in the log via this other post ?

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