Plugin loses connection to Elk Panel (Serial to USB)

Just caught a situation where Elk and Vera lost communication. Here are the full logs using version 2.34 of your file that you sent me. I hope this can tell you why the plugin is reported as not initialized.

Minutes later, the two reconnect without any intervention on my part other than issuing a tail -f Log command, which seemed to reload Luup.


[ol][li]Looks like something is restarting/reloading the LUUP engine, which is an issue in itself. I can’t say what the issue might be as there are to many variables to take into account and may not be related to this plugin. [/li]
[li]At startup it seems the ELK is not returning responses in the expected time so I have increased some of the wait periods to see if it helps. Updated file attached[/li][/ol]

Anyone else using the serial connectivity for this plugin having the same issues?

I just downloaded and installed your latest file. Will send incident logs as they transpire.
Thanks for your help.

This is a 2.40 log when the Elk disconnected with the Vera.

This is using version 2.40 after a Vera reboot.

[quote=“salilathalye, post:25, topic:189256”]zoot1612,
This is a 2.40 log when the Elk disconnected with the Vera.[/quote]

I can’t see the Elk disconnecting, it does spit an error (see below) which happens just before the Vera restarts and I assume it is because of the restart. After the restart does the Elk plugin automatically pick up the Elk panel again?

02      01/10/16 6:30:20.824    luup_log:237: ElkPlugin::checkMessage: Received message: 1 <0x2ebf7680>
50      01/10/16 6:30:20.835    luup_log:237: ElkPlugin::checkMessage: ERROR: The received message has invalid format. <0x2ebf7680>

I don’t think it reconnects 100% of the time even after a reboot.

The issue is might be that the usb/serial interface is not coming up quick enough and the plugin fails at this point. You may be better off with the M1XEP or a serial Ethernet converter.

Caveat: No guarantee on this working so if you can test before committing to buy it would make sense.

I landed up purchasing my second M1 XEP. I had one many years ago, but it got damaged after a lightning storm. Anyway, the M1 XEP is rock solid so far using your plugin.

During the installation of the M1 XEP I found that one of the M1 Gold settings was off, I think it was Event ASCII XMIT was set to off when it should be on according the the M1 XEP documentation. Not sure if this could be the cause of my prior intermittent issues with the serial to USB interface.

Thanks for helping the debug

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