PLUGIN: Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Thermostats

I will ask NuCAL team … they are the company who create all the “Cloud connected” device integrations that Ezlo uses…

If they have APIs etc available, NuCAL team should integrate it.

Thanks…I’ve successfully set up a Honeywell Home account and can access the app on my phone to see and control my thermostats, but the same credentials I’m using for the app won’t work when I try to authenticate through the NuCAL menu within the Meshbots menus. And trying to reset my (brand new and correct) password gives me a 403 error when I click the link Honeywell emails me…I’ll keep trying to get my thermostats connected but didn’t see my alarm in that app, so I’d still need a NuCAL connection to Honeywell’s service.

On the code front, I couldn’t figure out the timing/delays/function loops, so I punted and did it the crude way in the Meshbot menus…lots of flexibility but also very tedious. One feature that could be added there is some type of repeat function so things like incremental dimmer settings can be set on loops that run for a certain amount of cycles, etc. I wish I’d been able to figure out more of the new luup code…I felt like I was getting close! Thanks for all the help!

If you have specific questions, happy to pass it to developers so that they can answer…

Could you please give me a mockup screenshot of what you would like to see if at all possible? Will pass it to developers for their consideration.

Ok, i will be passing this to NuCAL team for them to investigate asap.

Thanks again. Can you tell me the best place to report bugs? I don’t want to keep hijacking this thread, but I found a few issues between how the Meshbot Trigger functions in the web GUI interact with the Scenes in the Vera app. When I made groups of Triggers in the GUI, they would not “translate” well to the app - the times defaulted to 00:00 despite me setting them otherwise and continuing to see other values in the GUI. And those groups can’t be edited in the app - I can make changes to the groups and hit “Done”, but the Save Scene button won’t activate and allow those changes. I think the root cause is because the Web GUI has only a Between two times in the Custom Time function while the App allows for a single start time. Another smaller issue is that there is no Room setting in the web GUI, and the scene moves back to “No Room” in the app whenever it’s edited in the GUI. This is at least easy to fix in the app.

Overall, the Meshbot and Scene functionality seem different enough that there will probably be a lot of issues like this where things don’t line up exactly. Is there a long-term plan to make Scenes in the app and Meshbots in the GUI exactly the same? Thanks again!

Yes, the capabilities of MeshBot in the Web UI in EZlogic has not yet been translated to mobile apps…

My recommendation for reporting bugs would be to do both:
1)Create a new thread: (so that we all can see)
2)Create a bug report here:

Thank you!

I need some help, I just setup the honeywell Lyric on Vera and I am receiving an error.
HNYWL TCC: : Honeywell thermostat user authentication failed. Check Setup
Authorization Status Unsuccessful. Error code 2

This is on my heat pump, any ideas how to fix it?


This thread hasn’t been posted to in a couple of years. I have a TCC-accessible thermostat in the US that I’d like to link to my Vera Secure running 1.7.5187 (7.31). I’m using the same credentials as on the TCC website. However, I’m getting the following error:

Any ideas on how to get the thermostat working with my system?

Hello @hfleejr,

May you try this process, please? Let us know if you need assistance to apply the solution and we’ll create a support ticket for you.

Hi @JonathanB,

After applying the zip files, I was able to connect to the thermostat. Now, on to the new Daikin systems…


Hello @hfleejr,

That’s great to hear! Unfortunately, as mentioned in the other post, Daikin thermostats are not compatible. However, did you try the solution proposed? What was the result?

Working on it tonight. I’ll update the other ticket with my results. Thanks @JonathanB