Plugin for UDP from ethernet modules

I have a 14 Channel Digital Module and an 8 channel Analog Module that transmit their data on my network every 5 seconds. If I wanted to read the incoming data packages (UDP) and bring the data into the Vera would I be pushing it’s capabilities? The accuracy of the analog modules are 16 bit so it would allow precise temperature measurements to be made and many other applications are possible as well.
These are Modbus Modules but I don’t think the Modbus plugin was ever finished. I have programmed the modules to broadcast their information every 5 seconds but the timing is flexible. My thinking is that in a broadcast mode the amount of processing time for the Vera would be pretty small…much easier than a query system with all the CRC error checking used in TCPIP Modbus standard communication.
Any thoughts as to the feasibility would be appreciated.
The benefits would be fairly cheap digital inputs and high accuracy analog inputs…it could really expand the Vera capabilities.
Tim Alls