Plugin development resources - please add anything else useful

I’m in the process of trying to create a vera plugin, and while I’m an experienced programmer I’m finding the structure of plugins and the various files comprising them is quite difficult to follow.

While I’m actively searching for the relevant info & documents, I thought I would list useful links here to hopefully make it easier for others to follow.

Lua language references:

Plugin overview:

Plugin xml files:

Plugin Debugging:

Vera / luup extensions to Lua:

Variables passed by luup to the plugin code:

MCV example plugin for Somfy RS232 blind controller:


The putty telnet client - ideal for ssh access to a vera:
(On a Vera 3 at least, the root ssh password is the WiFi password printed on the vera label).

Lua for Windows - Programming & Editing toolkit that allows Lua files to be debugged and stepped through, with variable watch & view-by-mouseover facilities etc:

Alarm / Security system specific:,3713.45.html

It’s been mentioned elsewhere, but a very good development environment based on Eclipse (multi-platform) and configured specifically for Lua is:

Also, for learning Lua, the third edition of “Programing in Lua”:

User Interface:
User Interface:

External site with MCV development pages ‘tree’:

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