PLTS - Two lights = Two PLTS devices?

So, im just setting up PLTS and i have two vanity lights (Philips Hue) in our bathroom which i want to turn on based on motion (as the PLTS basics example) BUT there is only one ON and one OFF Action in each PLTS device. I presume this means i need TWO PLTS devices setup, one for each light? Just wanted to check im not missing something

Thanks in advance

If you want to control the two lights independently than you need two PLTS
Or you can use PLEG, but you will have no UI to see what is happening with the timers, or the ability (UI) to manually trip/reset the timers.

Thank you Richard. They dont need to be independent, control can be common, i.e. on and off at the same time and with the same brightness

Ive set up two PLTS devices, one for each light from a common motion sensor. Ive just found though that one light is turning on just before the other, perhaps 0.5 sec to 1 sec. Not a massive problem but if there a way around this? Both timers are counting down with the same time.

Than you would turn both on/off in the ON/OFF actions.

Ah ok, i was using the ‘Control’ page and when adding the second device, the first disappeared so thought i could only control one. Looks like if i use the advanced tab it gets round this. Thanks, will be buying a licence soon :slight_smile:

Ok, well i need to tweak my sensor somewhere as i just got plunged into darkness while taking a shower, lol. My Fibaro motion sensor is indicating motion being is detected (short flashes after initial long one) but the counter isnt resetting. Ive lowered the ‘blind time’ setting but get the same result.

On trying to understand my Fibaro motion sensor parameters in another thread to stop the light turning off, someone has kindly suggested that i need to:

What you really need to do is add logic that checks if the motion sensor is still in an alert state, prior to turning off the light. If it’s still in an alert state, don’t turn off the light, just restart your timer. If it’s not in an alert state, turn off your light.

Is it possible to do this in PLTS, or do i need to move to PLEG?

Just use the restart condition with the logic like the trigger, so the counter will (re)start every time the motion sensor trips, and the lights will turn off x minutes after the last motion event.

Mine looks like:

trigger: tKitchenMotion AND !tCounterLightsOn AND tNightTime
Restart: tKitchenMotion AND tNightTime