Pls help: Status - Issue of a 2 way switch device, more or less "realtime", in vera via association?

Hi, I’ll hope I’m in the right subthread:
I’m a new owner of a vera plus device. Uncomfortable in Germany only the Vera devicis available to buy and after that I recognise, that the device is near end of live. The device contains the last released Firmware. A try for update to the beta FW failed and the Vera plus started again -after internet access- with the last released Firmware.

I’ve a Fibaro 2 way walli switch (Walli). The 1channel has the association group 1(main). If I switch manual the channel, the update in vera is received in time. If I switch channel 2, the update received earlierst after the poolling time (1Min). That’s to late for valid scenes. So I try to add the association 2/4 (Channel 1) and 3/5 (Channel 2 ) as association to the device “zwave” , in the hope, that the status will be available in the gateway in time.
Following issues are occurred:
*Vera lost the 2 child-devices for a while

  • Vera lost the renaming name of the 2 child devices and after time channel 1 and 2 contains the original name
  • An error occurred, that the profil couldn’t save/read from the node (Walli Switch).
  • The association to “zwave” didn’t show any expected result:
  • more the main device didn’t response anymore for ON/OFF

Does anybody knows, how I can assign the device, so that I received the real status in vera also after manual ON/OFF so that the events could be used in a scenario?

Plan is

  • a motion sensor should be armed, if channel 1 OR 2 is ON (Manual)
  • if no more motion is detected, Ch1 and Ch2 should be switched OFF, motion should dearmed
  • If a motion in between detected, the current switch should be untouched
  • After S1 or S2 are OFF, a delay longer a the timeout of the PIR, let time to switch the light with a motion ON again. No disarmed of the motion sensor should be occurred
  • If Channel 1 AND Channel 2 switched manual OFF, the motion sensor should be disarmed
    ** and not switched in the meantime in between a channel once again ON (Between channel X OFF and still Y ON) or channel X and Y are OFF and a person leave the room.

For this, a fast status change of channel 1 and 2 in vera are neccessarry. The poll time which could be min used is to long for this scenario :frowning:

Hi @DeWe did you get your issue sorted…?

Till this moment uncomfortable not. The second channel is not Realtime in the GUI , only the polling set the right status I have also no idea, how to assioate the Vera Plus Gateway to the assumption group of the 2nd channel

It’s difficult to help without any visuals, screen shots, wiring, also I’m in the UK so wiring is potentially different (Idon’t have a natural wire)

If you’ve not logged a call with support yet, I recommend you do, especially as (sadly :frowning: ) not all z-wave devices are being supported on Vera these days

The device is listed in the supported devices in a change log . The wiring is so as needed: Live Wire and Neutral Wire are connected. I’ve un/paired /Factory Reset the device several times to go sure, that nothing was going wrong. A Master device was created and 2 child’s (Switch 1 and Switch 2). There is a problematic with the associated group’s. The status of Channel 1 works as expected

The Switch is in the meantime in the home for the future (renovation before movement) The Gateway still in the old home. So it’s in the moment a little bit difficult to generate a trace. But I’m pretty sure, that everyone with this wallswitch run into the same situation.

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