PLEG with watts usage

I have a bathroom light that I have set to stay on as long as the bathroom fan is on. That way, the light doesn’t go off if someone is in the shower.

But I just bought a fan that senses humidity and automatically turns on when needed.

So what is happening is that it burn about 1W at all times (vera/pleg think that it is on), so the light never turns off. Is it possible to program it so that it looks for acertain watts threshold?

This is using the aeotech smart switch.


Try this Plugin, should work for what you are asking for.,11076.30.html

There should be a device property that contains the current energy useage.
You can use it as an input device property.

Remove your existing LightIsOn trigger and replace it in your logic with the expression LightPower > 1

Awesome! I had no idea about that page so this is perfect. Thanks…