PLEG UI not visible


I?m newbie and use the Vera smart control app. Now Ive downloaded the PLEG plugin and want to use it to program one of my devices.
Whatever tab I use; Dashboard, devices, scenes etc… I don?t get the app.
What am I doing wrong?
Any help will be appreciated, thanks

If you are using the app on a phone or a Windows computer, you will not be able to edit the device. You have to use a web browser.

Thanks Don,

I?m using a Windows computer and in the browser:
Then login…I suppose that?s the way to continue right?

Yes, on a browser is the way to edit the PLEG device to add conditions and actions. If you questions, this document is invaluable:,21603.0.html

By the way, you can bypass the servers and log in directly to the Vera.

Unfortunately the PDF doesn’t appear available any longer. Any chance of reposting it? Would be very useful. Thanks

Just happened to be passing through - here you go.

PDF’s not allowed anymore (!?!) so uploaded the pdf in a zip.

PLEG (384.9 KB)

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