PLEG - Turn light on if condition is TRUE, turn off if condition is FALSE

Hi, probably I am really missing something. I have a PLEG working one way. It turns on the light is one of my window covers is above 20% open and day and night pluging indicated night time. Then the condition is true and the christmas lights turn ON.

But if THAT condition turns false again, the light is not switched off. There must be something I am missing here… is there a simple button or something to select this “behaviour”?

You need to a Second condition with an action.

OnCondition Your Logic Here
OffCondition !OnCondition

You turn things on with an Action associated with the OnCondition.
You turn things off with an Action associated with the OffCondition.
In UI7 NextGen you do not need the second condition.
You can go to the relationship graph … and double click on the “F” for the OnCondition node. This will allow you to define conditions for then the OnCondition turns false … saving the need for a separate condition.

Thank you that worked. I copied the entire condition between brackets with a ! before it. It did not work with the !c1 notation.

Thank you!

I really love PLEG. What would Vera be without it…

You should not have needed to do that … you probably forgot to restart Vera.

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