PLEG Restore Backup on UI6

Has anyone using PLEG done a restore from a backup on a machine running UI6?

I recently had to restore was unable to recover my PLEG conditions, actions, etc. The license authentication was restored.

I even went back several days of MiOS backups, no luck.

You have to update the plugins if you do a restore from UI5 on UI6

I upgraded this device to UI6 about two week ago, so the MiOS backups since then should be UI6, yes?


Sorry but did you have a chance to look at this? Do you know why my PLEG ‘stuff’ didn’t recover from a backup in UI6?

It wasn’t a big problem for me right now, because I’m really just futzing with the vacation home on UI6 getting acquainted with it and getting my stuff ready for the upgrade. If I cannot recover the PLEG info moving into the upgrade, that could be an issue.

Did you try to upgrade the PLEG/PLTS and PLC plugins ?

Yes, however I am still unable to recover my PLEG routines restoring from any MiOS backup. I mentioned it had been more than two weeks since I upgraded to UI5.

So, is my problem that I should have forced an upgrade to both PLEG and PLC right after I upgraded to UI6? I was at the latest version of both prior to the upgrade, FYI.

I appreciate the assistance and thanks.