PLEG Question...

How would one monitor a specific variable attached to a device with PLEG? I’m looking to monitor the CommFailure variable (I didn’t list the entire URN) so I can set an alert if it goes offline. The device is a motion sensor and it controls my outside porch light at night. If it goes offline, I’d like to set a few things and notify myself so that the light doesn’t stay on all night…

Input Device properties let too attach to device variables. But that might be a device parameter in which case I do not provide a way to access. And Vera would not tell me when it changed anyway.

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I found where to add the property, and it shows in the list. How would I use it in a condition? Would I just use pMotionFailed == 1 or something similar???

If the value of the property is a number (even if it is stored as a string like most Vera property values) you would use something like ==. If it’s a string and you want to do string compared it would be eq.

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I’ll play with it. At the moment, all is well, but that doesn’t mean much… :slight_smile: