Pleg not working anymore

No idea why but since this morning all my pleg control (i have 3 of them) give me a statup lua failed. Any idea where to start searching for the problem? I’m running pleg 6.7

Did you buy a licence for PLEG? Do the PLEG Status reports shown any errors?

Yes i bought one license for 4 control
No the status doesn’t show any error:(

Does the Status report show that your licence is correctly registered? If so, you could try reloading the Program Logic Core using:


Replace with your Vera IP address (without the <>). Then Reload Vera and refresh your browser (F5).

Yes correctly register

Ok i will try that tonight at home since i don’t think we can do it remotely right?


Did a restart fix the problem ?

well…YES! not sure why since this morning i try to unplug and replug the device. Try many reload…weird weird weird!

But thanks

Many reloads in a row will cause a problem … I still have a timing bug to work out. One or two should be fine.

hum, same problem today. And didn’t modify or do anything since the reboot of yesterday. I’m the only one?

do you have a debug log file ?

I try to enable it but cgi-bin/ is blank, nothing in it. I have a usb key connected for logging. I try to connect in root but can’t find where the log are.

ok finaly disabled my usb key logging, vera rebooted and now it’s working and i have some log. Will continue to look at it:(

It goes to the same area as the Vera Log File.
I highly recommend that the Vera Log directory be stored on a USB stick.