PLEG Next Gen UI

I imagine this is a big undertaking but do you have any thoughts on when you might have a beta available?

You can try the begging of the NEW UI. This has all the functionality of the existing PLEG editor (I know a few bugs have been fixed that had not been reported).

This can ONLY be used on the LATEST UI7 (last couple of months) baseline.

Just upload the attached files to your Vera (APPS -> Develop Apps -> LUUP Files -> Upload)
You need to restart Vera after upload the .json file. Remove the .txt extension from the .js file.

This will add another option at the end of the PLEG panel (Scroll down).

Every thing is in the “Edit” panel. You should be able to inter-operate between the two editors, but I would refresh the browser if you want to go back to the OLD editor.

The BACKUP format is not interchangeable between the new and old editor.

Let me know what you think. This will be the basis for the new functionality:
-> OpenLuup
-> Support in AltUI
-> Templates (so you can merge solutions into your existing module)
-> Rebinding (on restore in case some inputs were deleted and re-created)
-> Much more …

I moved the Alpha -Test files to the first entry in this thread!

Initial impression: Familiar and responsive!

EDIT: Installed on one VeraEdge (1.7.1707)[font=verdana].[/font]

I like the NEW UI but new conditions I try to create with it does not seem to get saved or if I edit an old one it will be cleared so the result is an empty condition. Do I need to update PLC 7.48 and PLEG 7.47 versions also?

I have a spare Veralite on UI7 version 1.7.760 that I’m using for testing new things.

And here I am several thousand miles away from my Veralite…but the big decision will be to upgrade to UI7 or be happy with my lot and UI5. Well done RTS, I realise that eventually we all will have to gravitate upwards and to have this wonderful plugin running with openLuup & AltUI is a godsend.

Last minute change … I just replaced the J_PLC2.js.txt … re download it and try again.

Don’t do it. My system is a complete mess. I have all kinds of instabilities and can’t edit my Plegs effectively because of the saving bug. Vera support has blamed almost every device and app in my system at one point or another. I have proven every theory they have wrong. I have a somewhat large and complex system. I have proven to them that the stability issues start small and almost unnoticeable after installing about a dozen devices and a few apps to a new vera edge unit. The more items I add the worse it gets. It also seems that the longer I just let the system sit without rebooting anything the more unstable it gets. UI7 has all kinds of bugs and firmware updates seem to frequently make things worse. I am sitting here thankful I never got around to selling my vera lite. As soon as I have enough time I am going to rebuild my network on that and use UI5 until I hear UI7 is stable.

The UI looks great. One issue I have uncovered is that Repeating Conditions don’t work. I checked the box and I get " Error Parsing ConditionRepeat! "


I was originally planning to change the data structure for repeats but ultimately decided to leave them the same … So I would not have to update the runtime engine.
I forgot to revert the load/save code …

I have updated the J_PLC2.js.txt again to fix this problem.

Yep, now it works as expected thanks Richard.

For me the error message has gone but I can’t get the Repeat condition to save. I have tried both UI variants.

I loaded the latest files and gave it a try without any noticeable issues yet. It looks very nice and has a much more modern feel and from my experience will be easier to use.

Thanks Richard for the continued time investment I really appreciate it.

The new version does not fix the underlying MCV save issue that people are seeing.

MCV has indicated a new approach only available in there next real ease MAY solve the problem.
Not everyone sees the problem … for those that do … it is consistent.
It does not appear to be memory related as folks with a new Vera Plus also have the problem.
I have not been able to see any common denominators. (It’s not even unique to PLEG)

I am running a Vera Plus so memory is not an issue. If it helps with troubleshooting, I can save anything except Repeats. I can check the box, navigate to another tab, navigate back and it is gone.

Regarding the annoying save issue I received an update from mcv.

From what I know the issue you?re experiencing with the PLEG plugin has already been fixed and will be included in the 7.14 release, and there?s no workaround we can apply on your unit until then. Though the firmware release was supposed to be released earlier this month, last minute issues required an extended testing period before the public beta release.

Once the firmware goes through the public beta and no issues are received it will be released for the general public.

There is little we can do until our QA team gives the green light for the public beta. Once the beta is available you can install it if you?d like to, or wait for the general public release.

Sorry for the inconvenience the issue might cause you.

See the attached screenshot. Are you selecting the save button after checking the Repeats box before navigating to another tab?

Well darn. I had resigned myself to staying on UI5 with my Vera3 for a while and enjoy the relative stability that it has, but now Richard’s given me a reason to upgrade. Ordering VeraPlus in 3,2,1…


Yes I am aware of the Save button. Click Save, navigate away, come back and the Repeat is no longer selected.


My unit displays the message “[font=opensanslight][size=14px]Saving ConditionMap!” [/size][/font]for several seconds after I press the Save button, and then the displayed text disappears. Do you see the same behavior?

If you are seeing:
“Saving ConditionMap!”

for many seconds then you are suffering from a UI7 Performance bug … that I have also reported to MCV.
I believe this is a less severe symptom of the UI7 Saving bug!

When things are working properly you should see:
“Saving XXX!”
Almost immediately (less than a second) followed by:
“XXX Saved!”

Where XXX is any of a number of internal PLEG state variables (You can see the list from the Advanced Tab).

All message disappear after 10 seconds.

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