PLEG - Motion Sensor Question

Hi, im trying to set up my motion sensor ECOLINK PIR using an event that Whenever the motion sensor detects movement, to keep the light ON, and then only when sensor keeps detecting movement for 5 minutes to turn the light off

I have it setup like this but, the problem is that if it detects no movement it will turn off after 5 minutes, if within those 5 minutes it detects movement it doenst reset the counter

Any clue how can i do that?


You need to turn the light on when motion is deteced.

You start the timer when MOTION is NOT detected.
Many Motion detectors only send an Initial Motion message … as long as there is motion it does not not send a NO motion command … It can 8 Hour later in a busy place!!

Richard, thanxs for insight as to how motion sensor only send an initial motion message, what PLEG code example would you suggest that @dxxpublic should employee with his PIR? there seems to be fair number of inquires related to PIR/Motion sensors and their peculiarities that the Basic example doesn’t seem to address all situations. for the PLEG challenged (at least I’ll talk for myself) could you provide a few different examples and how/when and timing at the sensor vs PLEG each should be utilized would not go admist (next update to the PLEG Primer) ;D. Mike