PLEG loops / races... then Vera reboots

I’ve been seeing this on/off for a while and I can now force it to happen - so I’m posting the logs.

repro’d problem by doing…

“Aaron Home” button is on - this is because the system can ping my phone
I manually turn it off
… this triggers ‘Occupancy’ to be FALSE, which triggers AWAY mode - thus starts a series of other actions to prep the home for Away mode
… few seconds later, the system ping returns TRUE and ‘Occupancy’ is TRUE again. This starts actions to prep home for Disarm mode

Scenario caused a loop and/or race condition which ultimately took out my Vera - forcing a reboot.

Also, when I try to get a Report, I see continual “Error getting status” from the Security Logic PLEG - the others are fine.

Can someone please help me fix this, it has been causing a lot of problems!